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Essex Ham Kelly M6KFAAmateur radio is all about learning and experimenting. At Essex Ham, one of our key aims is to inspire new amateurs to try new things, ask questions and delve deeper into the hobby.

On the HamSkills.co.uk site, you'll find useful information relating to amateur radio training, skills development, and the mentoring the next generation of radio amateurs.

If you're new to the world of amateur radio, or a club looking to build closer ties with your newcomers, take a look at the following links, and stay tuned for some brand new content aimed new entrants to our hobby:

For newcomers

For radio clubs

Skills Night v2 Survey?

We ran a survey in October/November 2017 about a possible new county-wide event that would help to bring local clubs together, and to focus on amateur radio skills development and training. See the Skills v2 Survey Summary

Looking for info on the Essex Skills Nights?

There's information, videos, maps, photos & write-ups on Essex Ham's Skills Night pages.

Essex Ham supports amateur radio and aims to compliment and support (not replace or compete with) the work of other radio clubs. If we can help you or your amateur radio club, please get in touch.

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